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"No taxpayer money was spent on my behalf for the 302/304 South Elm building." - Nancy Hoffmann

I respectfully disagree.

"The owners of Scuppernong Books obtained a Downtown Greensboro Inc. grant,
which was a 3-to-1 match."
Nancy Hoffmann voted to provide taxpayer monies to DGI,
and has the ability to nominate board members.
Nancy Hoffmann signed off on the grant as landlord and owner of the property.
The grant money will increase the value of Nancy Hoffmann's property.
Nancy Hoffmann voted herself money via voting for DGI funding,
after voting to fund DGI with taxpayer money while in negotiations for DGI's lease
the year before, for the same property.
Now she wants one of her cronies to sit on the board.
"No taxpayer money was spent on my behalf"
Nancy Hoffmann
Nancy Hoffmann will profit via her tenants rent,
via a taxpayer subsidized grant Mrs. Hoffmann voted to fund.
Taxpayer money was spent on Nancy Hoffmann's behalf via DGI.
Should Nancy Hoffmann now be excused from City Council votes concerning DGI?
News and Record Letter to the Editor on Nancy Hoffmann
From a thread at Greater Greensboro Politics on Nancy Hoffmann's Crony Capitalism and Self Dealing

Proposed legal theft of taxpayer money; "developers want $8 million in taxpayer money from City of Greensboro"

Zack Matheny and Nancy Hoffmann "Are NOT Prostitutes … They Are Pimps"; An Adaptation

How to purchase a Simkins PAC endorsement, by Nancy Hoffmann

From the 2010 Greensboro funded study for the Elm Street Center hotel, of which the Rhino can't seem to investigate

DGI $ and favoritism for Nancy Hoffmann's on Elm Street with DGI money she voted herself via her incoming tenents

Legal Theft, by Whoever Votes for Greensboro's City Council Agenda Item 34

City Council Agenda Item 11; Investment Grant for a hotel and parking garage for the Elm Street Center Hotel, LLC.

Nancy Hoffman's perfectly legal contributions from GPAC task force members, as confirmed by city attorney S. Mujeeb Shah-Khan

Nancy Hoffman's campaign contribution connections to Tuesday's Give Away to Greensboro's 1%

Nancy and Nancy

Eric Robert on Nancy Hoffmann

Per DGI's Jason Cannon; City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann signs authorization for tenant to recieve taxpayer money she voted for

How Greensboro works, Nancy Hoffman edition

Will Nancy Hoffman vote to fund DGI this evening, after her "final subission" to be DGI's landlord?

Ethical Responsibilities of the Governing Body of the City of Greensboro

What I said last night 

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