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Proposed legal theft of taxpayer money; "developers want $8 million in taxpayer money from City of Greensboro"

"Developers of a proposed downtown Wyndham luxury hotel are asking the City Council for more than $8 million to help build it and a parking deck.

What will the other hotel's planned for downtown ask for
if these folks get more than $8 million?
If there are three planned hotels,
$24 million?

Elm Street Center Hotel has asked for a $1.35 million incentive grant.

The group of local and Washington D.C.-based investors also asked the city to lease a parking deck that they will build as part of the project. Under the original proposal, the city would pay up to $7.1 million to lease the parking deck over 25 years — and essentially help reduce the developers’ costs.

Investors expect the $40 million hotel to create 168 jobs.

How much would this taxpayer subsidized project hurt the Greensboro Marriott,
a competing private business that didn't take everyone else's money?

“A project like this luxury hotel for downtown Greensboro isn’t going to happen without participation from local government,” Mayor Robbie Perkins said. “You have to keep in mind this is a $40 million luxury hotel. It’s a big deal.”

Robbie Perkins received campaign contributions
from Randall and Tobee Kaplan in the last election cycle.
If the GPAC wasn't being built,
the hotel proposal wouldn't be viable.
Kathy Manning, Randall's wife who contributed to Nancy Hoffmann,
led the fundraising campaign for the GPAC
which will cost taxpayers more than $50 million.

And $8.1 million is a big amount to give a private business.

A private business intensely involved in convincing City Council
with words and money
to build a $65 million performing arts center that Randall and Kathy can now profit from,
and now they want everyone else to cough up more money
to go directly into their pockets.

If approved by the council, the cost to the city would dwarf Greensboro’s largest recorded incentive package — $2.5 million given to RF Micro Devices in 1999.

...Councilman Zack Matheny was working with company representatives to negotiate a different incentive.

Zack Matheny received a contribution/payoff from Randall Kaplan on 10/1/2013

“It’s a big number,” Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan said.

The investors want to build a 180-room Wyndham and a 244-parking garage at 200 South Davie Street and 207 South Elm Street. The group is one of two that have publicly announced plans to build new downtown hotels.

A hotel that will directly take profits from other businesses
subsidized with taxpayer money.
Subtle fascism at its finest.

...Assistant City Manager Andy Scott said a full economic impact study of the project, including things like the average salary of workers, would be released Tuesday.

Like the last two economic studies for the property,
which contradicted each other?

Council members raised concerns about the proposal Friday, including the overall cost of the incentive. Several also questioned whether it is a decision they needed to make Tuesday night, the final meeting of the current City Council term.

“Personally, I feel a little rushed into it,” Councilman Tony Wilkins said. “I certainly do not feel prepared to vote.”

Amanda and Kelly
That Kathy Manning gave a $1,300 in-kind contribution to Nancy Hoffmann with Painted Plate Catering, whose Brad Semon is working with Randall at the Elm Street Center, the location for the new hotel, is an indication Kathy has been busy bundling donations for Nancy Hoffmann and other's campaigns, with the goal of making millions from a taxpayer funded performing arts center.

"Kathy Manning, who has heads the fundraising efforts for a task force pushing for the performing arts center, speaks during the announcement that Steven Tanger, left, will donate $7.5 million to to the effort."
From the GPAC Donor Roll;

Sara S. and George W. House
Milton Kern
Tobee and Leonard Kaplan
Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
Toleo Foundation, which is Tobee and Leonard Kaplan
GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; Kathy Manning, co-chair

GPAC Economic Impact / Feasibility Task Force; Randall Kaplan

GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; George House, one of Randall's partners
All the money donated to GPAC by these folks was deducted off their taxes.

Now they want local taxpayers to line their pockets, after they got the city to spend $30 million for a performing arts center they will profit from.


City Council Agenda Item 11; Investment Grant for a hotel and parking garage for the Elm Street Center Hotel, LLC.

Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel

GPAC Toleo Foundation Donation Questions
Kathy Manning with City Councilperson Nancy Hoffmann, who is supposed to act in the best interests of city taxpayers;

Kathy Manning, Randal Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel

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