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What I said last night

George Hartzman, I live at 2506 Baytree Drive, and I have taught financial ethics to CPAs and Attorneys for 10 years;

First their was a curfew proposed by Zack at the behest of Roy Carroll, supported by Action Greensboro's April Harris, DGI's Betty Cone and Cemala’s Susan Schwartz.

Roy Carroll said at the time, "We probably would not be here if it were not for the unfortunate incident involving the shooting outside the N Club," which didn't have anything to do with anyone under the age of 18.

I have heard from more than two who attended a stakeholder meeting after the shooting, that some espoused racist rhetoric and suggested employing water cannons and K-9 units against some downtown club patrons.

DGI’s Milton Kern suggested the unwelcome should choose to visit clubs on High Point Road instead.

Police Attorney Jim Clark said "Mayor Perkins requested a text amendment regulating amplified noise from entertainment businesses...based on a complaint from Roy Carroll"

Robbie told Yes Weekly “I think we’ve got a problem, and it’s basically been brought to light by the Greene Street bar and what they do on the rooftop”

I believe the curfew, the 45 decibel noise ordinance, the rooftop tent ordinance, and now the entertainment ordinance are meant to rid downtown of Greensboro’s African American population unwanted by Robbie and Roy, so they can lease Center Point condos to tenants making at least $139,000 per year.

At a meeting organized by Nancy Hoffman and Roy's attorney Henry Isaacson, Hoffman, Roy, Robbie, Zack and two of the three rooftop venue owners convened in a private room at WORX restaurant, Robbie apparently said "make no mistake, we will live in a city where there will be no outdoor amplified noise, with this council or the next," who also said the GPAC is designed with an outdoor pavilion for amplified music within sight of his Center Point condo, on the other side of taxpayer funded Center City Park, which has amplified music, Robbie said he would help create the downtown he wants where everybody goes home at 11pm after the show, which would bankrupt multiples of downtown businesses.

Roy was flanked by Robbie on one side and Zack on the other.

The other venue owner not present usually has relatively Caucasian music and visuals on his rooftop, leaving the impression only those catering to African Americans were targeted.

It was reported that “Hoffmann suggested the young professional demographic might be “a prime business target” She said “Middle-age and young professionals drink at places like Print Works, 1618, and the O’Henry Hotel...

She said places like Greene Street could also cater to that market...." instead of their current customer base.

Roy told them he lost condo sales because of the Green Street Club, and some potential buyers won't unless the hip hop clubs are eliminated.

It appears that Roy's problem is with Greensboro's African American population, which surrounds the east and south side of downtown, which includes most of A&T University’s students.

Some call this a subtle form of economic and/or institutionalized racism.

At what point does who decide it’s blatant?

Mr. Carroll has no problem building apartments in an airport noise cone and right next to I-40 without sound barriers, but in this case apparently wants to sell his taxpayer subsidized condos with good noise and optics via a taxpayer funded performing arts center, without the bad noise from black folks dancing on top of Greene Street, that he watch’s from his bedroom windows that are “as soundproof as can be found”, according to a sales person at Center Point.

I believe there is a high likelihood that the most soundproof windows were not installed, as Mr. Carroll has declined to disclose the quality of his building materials.

I believe Mr. Carroll wants everyone else to pay for his business mistakes, and he is utilizing his purchased council members to help him.

[I could cite some ethics regulations indicating Robbie, Zack and Nancy Hoffman should recuse themselves, but the city attorney doesn't work for anyone other than city council, even though taxpayers pay his salary, meaning asking Mujeeb to suggest a member has a conflict of interest would be like asking a defense lawyer to admit his client is guilty.]

I believe Robbie, Zack and Nancy Hoffman have acted in the best interests of a select few, including themselves, at the expense of everyone else.

I believe Robbie Perkins should resign as Mayor of Greensboro.

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