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Today's News and Record Letter to the Editor on Nancy Hoffmann, and a Hoffmann Linkfest

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan has asked Greensboro’s City Council to adopt more transparent ethics disclosures for some very good reasons.

For example, at the Dec. 17 City Council meeting, Nancy Hoffmann nominated her business partner, Nick Piornack, to Downtown Greensboro Inc.’s board, after voting to loan Piornack’s firm $200,000 for a parking lot that created spots where patrons of her three recently purchased buildings will likely park for a fee.

Hoffmann also nominated the architect for her now-taxpayer-subsidized project at 304 S. Elm via a DGI grant, which city taxpayers funded via a Hoffmann City Council vote. The interior designer for the same property now serves on the Minimum Housing Standards Commission.

If council members place citizens who do business with them on city boards, they should disclose the connections. Members should disclose financial interests in businesses and nonprofits, as well as organizations they are involved with that may become reliant on City Council votes bequeathing everyone else’s money.

Even though participation would be voluntary, identifying and following the actions of those who choose not to provide sunlight on their financial dealings should be enlightening."

George Hartzman

By the way, it is my understanding that Robbie Perkins was the real estate broker on the purchase of the land for the parking lot.
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DGI $ and favoritism for Nancy Hoffmann's on Elm Street with DGI money she voted herself via her incoming tenents

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City Council Agenda Item 11; Investment Grant for a hotel and parking garage for the Elm Street Center Hotel, LLC.

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