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Per DGI's Jason Cannon; City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann signs authorization for tenant to recieve taxpayer money she voted for

"Scuppernong Books will open at 302 and 304 S. Elm St., near the corner of Washington Street. The owners will be renting from Greensboro City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann, who bought the building for $275,000 in July 2012."
Nancy Hoffmann consented to allowing a tenant to apply for a retail grant for her Elm Street building for electrical work, frame and sheet rock, plumbing, a front window display and a retail sales counter.

Councilwoman Hoffman denied the application existed at Natty Greene's last Thursday evening in front of David Brantly Craft on the second floor.

Mrs. Hoffmann voted for DGI's budget allocation at Council's last meeting, as well as the year before, and now she appears to be self dealing via her new tenant while publicly denying the existence of the pending transaction involving taxpayer monies which voted for to benefit herself.

In my view, if the grant is allocated, Hoffmann will have voted to transfer taxpayer wealth that directly benefits her personal property.

Clearly a conflict of interest.

Clearly wrong.

Clearly in violation of her fiduciary responsibilities to City of Greensboro taxpayers.
Considering how much I have recently criticized former Greensboro Partnership lobbyists involved with the allocation of taxpayer monies to local cronies, Jason Cannon returned my call, was honest, and I got the impression he is working to do what's in the best interests of Downtown Greensboro and the City.
On Nancy Hoffmann's vote to fund DGI, after her "final subission" to be DGI's landlord

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