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News & Record Letter to the Editor; David Hagan’s commissions don’t serve taxpayers

"On Sept. 3, and again on Sept. 17, Robbie Perkins and Nancy Vaughan knowingly voted to give fellow Greensboro Country Club member David Hagan, who serves on the Community Foundation’s board, about $586,000 in commissions for purchasing performing arts center properties.

The city of Greensboro has four real-estate brokers who could have purchased the properties for no more than their salaries.

I believe Perkins, Vaughan and the Community Foundation’s Walker Sanders, who was involved in the negotiations, did not act in the best interests of Greensboro’s taxpayers concerning these real-estate transactions.

I call for David Hagan, who is U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s brother-in-law, to forfeit his commissions."

George Hartzman

The writer is a candidate for mayor.

Robbie Perkins, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, Jim Kee, Yvonne Johnson and Nancy Hoffmann just cost taxpayers $586,000

On US Senator Kay Hagan's Brother in Law David Hagan, Making a Nice Slice off Greensboro's Taxpayers while Sitting on CFGG's Board

Stephen Poole; "GPAC, CFGG full of deliberate deception, lining of pockets"

Congrats David Hagan, much more to come right out of Greensboro taxpayer's pockets into yours

Looks like Hagan Properties stands to profit from the GPAC while David Hagan sits on CFGG's board of directors with Walker Sanders

If David Hagen stands to benefit from the GPAC deal, and Louise Brady's Brady Trane employs Guilford County's Hank Henning...?

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W.E. Heasley said...

“I call for David Hagan, who is U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s brother-in-law, to forfeit his commissions.”

Ah, but politicos through the mechanism of government, much associated with special interests, disperse taxpayer funds; rarely a forfeit recovering taxpayer funds.

A forfeiture in a purposely/political government privilege economy breaks the cycle.