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If David Hagen stands to benefit from the GPAC deal, and Louise Brady's Brady Trane employs Guilford County's Hank Henning...?

If David Hagen is on the CFGG Board, Executive Committee, and Development Committee, and stands to receive a direct financial benefit from the GPAC deal, and Louise Brady's Brady Trane employs Guilford County Commissioner Hank Henning, how was Hank's vote on taxpayer financing for GPAC not illegal, if Brady Trane stands to acquire the GPAC heating and air contract, even though Louise is on the board?
From yesterday;

Looks like Hagan Properties stands to profit from the GPAC while David Hagan sits on CFGG's board of directors with Walker Sanders
Doesn't the City of Greensboro have the ability to purchase real estate without having to pay commissions?


The Property Management Section of the Engineering and Inspections Department performs real estate functions for the City of Greensboro. It works with all City departments to provide property and buildings for their use. Services provided include:

•Purchase properties for City facilities. Properties include vacant land for new facilities such as parks or libraries, or land with buildings to be renovated for new uses such as the J. Douglas Galyon Depot.


The partnership has served in many capacities in the development of several housing programs. This involvement has ranged from the acquisition of land to the sale and development of lots.

Board of Directors

•Chairman, Henry V. Cunningham Jr.
•Vice-Chairman, Yolanda I. Leacraft
•Treasurer, Fred Preyer
•Director, Carolyn S. Allen
•Director, Tina Akers Brown
•Director, Mary Rakestraw
•Director, Michele Newberry
•Director, Ledford Austin
•Director, Andrew S. Scott

Staff Members

•President, Andrew Scott
•Vice President for Development, Barbara Harris
•Board Secretary, John McLendon Jr.
•Assistant Secretary, Vera Funderburk
•Assistant Secretary, Chancer McLaughin
If the CFGG is purchasing real estate for the City of Greensboro to purchase, why would the CFGG not want to save taxpayers a couple of hundred thousand dollars by not paying real estate commissions if they didn't have to?

Self dealing anyone?

Can anyone see any crony capitalism in this deal?

Will Brady Trane bid for the heating and air deal for the GPAC?

“The consultants have done a very detailed and thorough analysis of a performing arts center for Greensboro. The findings certainly indicate the generally positive reactions to such a facility downtown, and give the task force a solid base of facts that will help inform our final recommendations to the city council on June 26,” said Louise Brady, co-chair of the Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force.

Brady contributions;

ROBBIE PERKINS      09/16/07      Don Brady Brady Services
NANCY VAUGHAN   05/29/09      Donald J. Brady Brady Services
ZACK MATHENY       07/28/09      DJ Brady Brady Trane

Greensboro Coliseum Brady Trane Bartering for Services? for Matt Brown
Either the CFGG board wasn't told or they knew and didn't do anything.

City Council either knew and didn't do anything or didn't know.

Hank Henning certainly knew.

Do upper-class folks tend to be more unethical, take from others, lie in negotiation and cheat than lower-class individuals?

City of Greensboro money flowing through the Community Foundation into one of it's board member's pockets.

So if the board members voted that it's cool for another connected board member to make big money on the deal, it's wrong. And if they didn't vote, it's a violation of their conflict of interest policy, which is also wrong. = lose, lose.

Taxpayers are funding David Hagan's commissions, while they have a purchasing department that buys real estate without having to pay them.

It's a strait out rip off.

Same with when Brenda Jones tried to hire a real estate agent crony, only different. Again, taxpayer money is set to pay Hagan's unnecessary commissions.
"Costly Secret Land Deal Exposed," by the Rhino's Scott D. Yost on Brenda Jones Fox, Dian Brigman, Bruce Davis and the Guilford County Planning Board

Skip Alston, Paul Gibson, Billy Yow, Brenda Jones Fox and Dian Brigman
If David Hagen stands to gain, then Brady does, which makes Hank Henning's vote illegal.
"Avoid deriving a direct benefit from contracts in which you are involved in making or administering... (G.S. 14-234((a)1)"

...Board members should avoid impropriety in the exercise of their official duties.

Their official actions should be above reproach.

A board member is considered to be acting with impropriety if a reasonable person who was made aware of the totality of the circumstances surrounding the board member’s action would conclude that it was more likely than not that the behavior did not befit someone in the board member’s position.

…They should act as the especially responsible citizens whom others can trust and respect.

Avoid using your knowledge of contemplated action...or information known to you in your official capacity and not made public, to acquire a financial interest in any property, transaction, or enterprise, or to gain a financial benefit that may be affected by the information or contemplated action... (G.S. 14-234.1)

Avoid soliciting or receiving any gift or reward in exchange for recommending, influencing, or attempting to influence e award of a contract by the public agency you serve. (G.S. 14-234 (a)3)

Code of Ethics for the Board of Commissioners
of Guilford County, North Carolina
Notable Henning Contributions;

James Edward Brady

DJ "Don" Brady

Don Brady

Theresa Yon

Justin Conrad, who just resigned from CFGG's board?

Roy Carroll, who stands to make millions on the GPAC, via the Triad Good Government PAC

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