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Zack Matheny doing what Roy Carroll told him to on economic incentives after what looks like selling taxpayer money to fund his Congressional campaign?

From Roy Carroll's article of few weeks ago;

"...If I were asked what I believe to be the number one hurdle facing the economic development of Greensboro and Guilford County, I would have to say I place a lot of the blame on the way the city and county delegate their economic development.

...A large portion of the [Greensboro] Partnership’s funding comes from the city and the county’s joint contribution of about $425,000 annually.

...who really is the tip of the spear so to speak to identify job creators and lead the charge? It is Dan Lynch, who works for the Greensboro Partnership and is the president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance under the Greensboro Partnership.

...Mr. Lynch’s performance has been subpar for years. If the Partnership is not prepared to address Mr. Lynch’s performance, the city and county elected officials should step in and redirect the way in which we conduct our community’s search for businesses to bring jobs to our area.

...I’m finding fewer and fewer elected officials, industrial developers and general leaders in the business community that believe Mr. Lynch’s performance is satisfactory.

If the leaders of the city and county really want to address job creation in our community, they should demand better than status quo from the person charged with that task..."
"Are we getting the bang for our buck?” City Councilman Zack Matheny asked.

...This year, Guilford County allocated $200,000 and Greensboro $130,000 to help fund the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance.

...Matheny doesn’t want sales calls, he wants results.

...Matheny has developed an elaborate economic development plan that he will present at the beginning of the 4:30 p.m. meeting, which is being held in an unusual spot: the board room at the law offices of Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey and Leonard, where Phillips practices law.

In great detail, Matheny’s plan focuses on creating shovel-ready development sites, incentives for development in east Greensboro and such major deals as the proposed Project Haystack data center park.

Matheny said he believes Lynch is not “proactive,” adding he hasn’t been aggressive in using the $10 million economic development bond fund the city has on hand for a variety of projects.

“I’m pulling for Dan,” Matheny said. “We have got to right this ship. There are some people in this community that are becoming more vocal and showing frustration.”
How stupid is the general public of Greensboro, North Carolina?

How many times does it take to get scammed by some of our elected leadership
who are lining the pockets of their friends and campaign contributors?

Considering the correlations between who Zack has advocated giving money to
and who has paid Zack for his congressional run
how is it that those involved in this venture decided to put him in charge?

Project Haystack is a fiasco.

The last "Shovel Ready" money went directly to Zack Matheny contributors.

Who helped Matheny create his "detailed" plan?

Smells like Roy Carroll.

Zack needs a couple hundred thousand to finance his run for District 6.

Feels like Zack is lining up donors with the carrot of Greensboro taxpayer funded
"economic incentive" handouts.

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