One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


WTF Zack Matheny?

26. Resolution authorizing an Economic Development loan of up to $1,000,000 for private developer industrial site grading. [For Samet and Windsor, which is David Howard, who recently gave Robbie Perkins $500]
From the Agenda with Attachments, Page 193 of 257;

7. Ordinance in the amount of $12,000 amending the Special Tax Districts Fund to appropriate additional funds to Downtown Greensboro Incorporated.

 8. Resolution authorizing contract between the City of Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Incorporated for Downtown Revitalization and Economic Development Services.

 9. Resolution authorizing agreement between the City of Greensboro and Center City Park, LLC with reference to Maintenance, Operation and Services for Center City Park.


Dawn Cheney, DGI Chair amongst many other city boards; Page 5 of 21

Sam Simpson, incoming DGI Chair, and broker for the Gerbing's fiasco incentive

And $600 to the Rhino Times for advertising, before John Hammer endorsed Zack after he wrote Zack gave away too much money.


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Sorry, not getting it. Spell it out for us, if there is an "it."

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