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I hear congressional candidate Zack Matheny is pushing for the Downtown Hotel deal

Off the record sources have told me over the last two weeks that Zack wants, and is heavily pushing the city to provide taxpayer monies for a hotel parking lot for the Elm Street center. 

Supposedly the big push by Matheny is tied to his involvement in a proposed House of Blues with Rocco Scarfone within a couple of blocks of the property.

I asked Zack about whether or not he has a business relationship with Mr. Scarfone, on tape, during a city council meeting and Mr. Matheny declined to answer, beginning at 2:10, as Rocco received an exemption for his Ham's on Elm supposedly advocated by Matheny;

As Mr. Matheny is running for congress, it has become much more important that the facts concerning this issue be resolved, as Zack's answers may be of high interests to those who will vote to send a representative to the US Congress.

Zack's role in various "economic incentive" projects he has openly advocated for, which have involved numerous campaign contributors, should also be heavily scrutinized.

If one were so inclined, google Matheny and Hartzman, and plenty of material should come up.

For example;

On Zack Matheny's crooked incentive package for his friends in Downtown Greensboro

Is this who District 6 wants in Congress?

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