One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


If developers pay for water and sewer extensions, why did we just pay for Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis'

Did Nancy Barakat Vaughan Lie To Help Roy Carroll?

Legal Bribery; Nancy Vaughan Edition

Kieth Brown; "Crony Capitalism and Local Developer Roy Carroll Red Flags on This American Express Incentive Deal, More Info. and REPOST"

Marty Kotis, Nancy Hoffman and Item 27 on Tuesday's City Council Agenda

Jim Kee appointing Jeff Nimmer to the Board of Adjustments

As some of my posts to Greater Greensboro Politics on Facebook have been deleted by David Brantley Craft, I will no longer be engaged in active debate within the group.

Keith Brown at Triad Watch: "Developer Roy Carroll and Mayor Perkins Special Meeting on Shovel Ready for Roy's Land"

A couple interesting threads on Marty Kotis and his purchased minions

Some of the conversations between Marty Kotis and George Hartzman on his free water sewer outside Greensboro's city limits

Company seeks $2,871 each for higher paying 31 jobs, after Marty Kotis recieved $44,559 per "speculative" low paying job from City Council

Marty Kotis Propaganda from the Business Journal "Plans for east Guilford retail center could lead to more development"

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