Phil Berger Sr. appointed the board member who moved and voted for Phil Berger Jr's charter school

Paul Norcross, who is Phil Berger Jr's Chief Political Adviser and co-founder of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools, who personally profits from his charter school, and who gave himself a no-bid management contract

Why Paul Norcross didn't vote for Phil Berger Jr's Charter School

Paul Norcross was denied another charter school due to a "conflict of interest"

Norcross has prior charter school related ethics issues
Baker Mitchell, who personally profits from his charter schools, who is also president of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter schools, who is also under investigation by the Department of Education

Phil Berger Jr. serves on the board of the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter schools with Mitchell and Norcross

Alan Hawkes, for profit charter school supporter, who made the motion to approve Phil Berger Jr's charter school, in violation of North Carolina Public Charter School Advisory Council Rules

From the meeting minutes when Phil Berger Jr. got his charter school approved;
Unanswered Question; Did/Does taxpayer funded District Attorney Phil Berger Jr. stand to profit, personally or financially benefit or receive tax breaks from the stacked board by his father approved Providence Charter High School, or for any Phil Berger Jr. linked taxpayer funded charter school?
Phil Berger Jr's charter school application; Providence Charter High School, Inc.


President Pro Tempore of the Senate Phil Berger Sr. set up the NC Charter School Advisory Board that approved Phil Berger Jr's charter school




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