My kid is in Israel; This is some of what I've been reading

LIVE UPDATES: Israel plans to call up 40,000 IDF reservists

"Two Arabs are arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a 15-year-old girl in a suburb of Jerusalem.

"It's impossible that people are sitting in cafes and restaurants in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem, while in Sderot people are sitting in bomb shelters. We're at war with Hamas because they declared war on us. Hamas want to bring the state of Israel to an end, and make life in Israel impossible, and we have to handle that. We have to fight back to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens. It's not our right, but our duty."

"the situation on the ground has escalated in the South. I want to stress to you that we are closely monitoring the situation and that all of our groups in Israel are very much away from areas that are considered to be dangerous zones. Again, itineraries will be changed as needed."
"All summer camps, universities, public events in southern Israel canceled, gathering of people forbidden."

"Approximately a rocket per minute fired at Israel in the last hour - over a million Israelis in bomb shelters today"

"Kuwaiti police fire tear gas at protesters"
"...the following security policies are in effect, based on recommendations from security officials:

1. No site touring or driving through East Jerusalem. All programs that are scheduled to visit the Jewish Quarter and Kotel (Western Wall) will do so through the Zion Gate.
2. There will be no use of Road 443, which is a road connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that goes through some areas over the Green Line.
3. There is no driving  in a 20 KM area around the Gaza region, which includes no touring of Sderot.
4. There will be no driving via Beer Sheva until further notice.
5. Road 65 via Wadi Ara  will not be used by tours.

Again all itineraries will be changed as needed to reflect events on the ground and guidelines will be adjusted as needed."
Israel prepared to expand operation against Hamas in Gaza

"An Israeli security operation against the militant group Hamas "will probably not end within several days,"...

...Militants have fired more than 100 rockets at Israel since Monday night...

...Hamas security sources reported at least 60 Israeli airstrikes across Gaza, including from F-16s, Apache helicopters and drones.

Seven people have been killed in Gaza since Monday afternoon, including five in an airstrike on a vehicle

The Israeli military has already called up several hundred reservists and is planning to recruit many more to strengthen its positions around Gaza "with a view to possible ground maneuvers,""

Floodgates open as ISIS takes over swaths of both Syria and Iraq

"ISIS also took over six Syrian oil and gas fields and a major pumping station that distributes oil from Iraq into Syria...

The captures include the al-Omar oil field, Syria's largest oil facility that can produce 75,000 barrels of oil a day. ISIS has also seized a military airport and a local army base."


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