News and Record's Doug Clark on John Hammer and Roy Carroll's Phil Berger endorsement

"...The Rhino's interest in how much campaign money Berger Jr. can raise -- a lot -- could lead me to surmise it made its endorsement based on which candidate might spend more money on Rhino ads during the general election campaign.

But I have no foundation on which to form that suspicion.

Neither does Hammer have anything to support his suggestion that we endorsed Walker because we think he'd be more likely to lose to Democrat Laura Fjeld in November.

The Rhino also didn't mention Rhino owner Roy Carroll's contributions
to Phil Berger

My own opinion is just the opposite. I think Walker has the better chance for the reasons we stated in our endorsement: He "demonstrates greater depth of thinking on the issues, is open and accessible and seems more likely to at least consider and respond respectfully to other points of view."

...Hammer notes that Berger led Walker by 34-25 in the May 6 primary. Just a month earlier, Berger's internal poll showed him ahead of Walker by 36-14, so it would seem that Walker gained rapidly. Maybe he's still gaining. We'll find out Tuesday.

...we've seen in the Walker-Berger Jr. contest that too much of it from special-interest groups turns off some voters.

That's a reason why some Republicans have said they support Walker instead of Berger: They don't want to elect someone who is beholden to wealthy donors. As noted above, Walker seems to be doing pretty well despite having less money."

The Rino's John Hammer Carrying Roy Carroll's GPAC position, and the local Republican establishment

I believe the Rhino Times' John Hammer doesn't give a rat's ass about anything that doesn't have to do with the best interests of John Hammer


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