Samuel Spagnola on Phil Berger's Chief Political Advisor and some pay to play

"Paul Norcross [Phil Berger's Chief Political Advisor] pays Coy Willard $4,696 from the HP GOP party coffers to paint the inside of the Jamestown office that is being used by Phil Berger Jr. Willard then turns around and contributes $2600 (the maximum allowed) to the Berger campaign. What do you call that?

The Berger campaign refuses to answer the hard questions about the money trail, both locally and statewide. People who gave their money to the PARTY locally and through Raleigh should have been told that they were really supporting the Berger campaign- AGAINST OTHER REPUBLICANS.

The next time anyone in Raleigh remotely related to Phil Berger Sr calls and asks me for money to "help the party", they can forget about it. The tactics of THIS campaign have destroyed ANY confidence that ANY Republican ACROSS the state can have that their money will be spent for its intended purpose.

This is pure dishonesty and unfitting of a Republican party that prides itself on moral values and fiscal responsibility. It is shameful, disgraceful and there isn't a damn thing "conservative" about it. If Berger Inc. wants to talk like Republicans but act like corrupt Democratic union bosses, they deserve to lose.

Reward bad behavior and you get more bad behavior.

The Berger campaign is its own worst enemy, turning allies into enemies through its deceptive tactics..."

Samuel Spagnola via Facebook

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