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LIVE UPDATES: Operation Protective Edge, Day 5

Rockets fired at Galilee from Lebanon


We have just received reports of several rockets 
that were launched towards srghasfg...

 Sirens were sounded in aergsfgj. 

...all participants are safe and accounted for.

I will update you later today or tonight with any additional information if necessary.

A clarification of my message from a few minutes ago:

The rockets that were launched landed north of sdfgasfg in an open area. 

The rockets did not land anywhere near xxxjffgk. 

When the sirens went off in srghfkjl the group was taken to a bomb shelter."

From where my kid is.

Thousands of Gaza civilians flee after Israeli warning

"Israeli forces dropped leaflets into the town of Beit Lahiya near Gaza's northern border with Israel. They read: "Those who fail to comply with the instructions to leave immediately will endanger their lives and the lives of their families. Beware."

"The enemy has built rocket infrastructure in-between the houses (in Beit Lahiya)," the officer said. "He wants to trap me into an attack and into hurting civilians."

"To the residents of Beit Lahiya,

The IDF intends to attack terrorists and terror infrastructures in the area
 east of Al-Atatra and Al-Salatin St., 
and in the area west and north of Ma'bscar Jabalyia. 

Israel is currently attacking, and will continue to attack, 
every area from which rockets are being launched at its territory.

The civilians are requested to evacuate their residences immediately 
and move by 12:00 PM today, south of Jabalyia Al-Badr via Shar'a Al-Faluja.

The IDF's campaign is to be short and temporary. 

Those who fail to comply with the instructions will endanger their lives 
and the lives of their families.


The Gaza Interior Ministry, in a statement on Hamas radio, dismissed the Israeli warnings as "psychological warfare" and instructed those who left their homes to return and others to stay put.

The leaflets marked the first time Israel had warned Palestinians to vacate dwellings in such a wide area. Previous warnings, by telephone or so-called "knock-on-the-door" missiles without explosive warheads, had been directed at individual homes slated for attack."

Israel steps up military offensive in Gaza LIVE UPDATES

LIVE BLOG: Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

Al Jazeera Live Blog

From Twitter;

#Lebanon Security Forces: A rocket launch pad found in south of #Sour. 
#Israel #Palestine #Gaza #Hezbollah

Rami ‏@RamiAlLolah  

PM Netanyahu on @FaceTheNation: 
Hamas is firing rockets on all the cities of Israel. 
80% of Israel's population under threat of rocket fire.

Embassy of Israel ‏@IsraelinUSA

ROCKET COUNTER: Hamas terrorists fired over 809 rockets at Israel in 5 days


‏Haaretz: "Israel's real purpose in Gaza operation? To kill Arabs"


No Support for Cease-Fire Seen Among Israel’s Leaders or Palestinian Militants 

The New York Times 

@netanyahu on #Israel: We face a very brutal enemy. 
We use our missiles to protect our people, 
they use their people to protect missiles


Imagine: Hamas terrorists are attacking 70% of your country's population. 
That's Israel's reality.


‏Israeli censors cannot play god as well as they once did 
because social media cracks their attempted news blackouts. 


As Israel bombs our homes, to be ‘neutral’ is to be complicit.

Mohammed Suliman ‏

OMG Israel are SOOOO rude, 
I can't believe they're still doing what they're doing 
after ALL the tweets we wrote about them.


Reminder to journalists: 
Reports critical of Israel's work in #Gaza will land you on our anti-semitism watch list. 
Good luck w/ the job-hunt

U.S. Dept. of Fear

Red alerts and sirens all over #Israel 
from #Haifa in the north to #Eliat to the South 
#IsraelUnderAttack #GazaUnderAttack

Adam ‏@adam_1996_
"There is no "right" in what's going on over there.  We made this mess after WWII with our allies, but after more than 60 years it's time for us to admit that the governments and people involved are allegedly adults and not only capable but responsible to deal with it on their own terms -- and without our money or weapons being poured into one side of it.

The same is true over in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.  Yeah, ISIS has "declared" a Caliphate.  Fine.  Let them try to enforce it.  So long as they don't try to come into our country let them shoot each other if they so choose.  Just don't give them the guns or bullets to do it with.

Make clear that there's one ground rule: You blow up or harm an American not on your soil, or bring one bit of your bullcrap into this country, and we will deploy our military with the following single rule of engagement: If it moves then shoot it until it doesn't.

...There's a basic rule one should follow when those who are sworn enemies of your principles and form of government are attempting to kill one another:  LET THEM."

My kid is in Israel; This is some of what I've been reading

On Israel's Military and Palestinian Rockets


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