From "Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force Economic Impact/Feasibility Committee Minutes – February 29, 2012" and more

"In attendance: Reid Phillips & Patrice Hinnant Co-Chairs, Richard Beard, Louise Brady, Matt Brown, Roy Carroll, Lewis Cheek, Betty Cone, Justice Henry Frye, Florence Gatten, Ross Harris, Sarah Healy, David Horth, Randall Kaplan, Tom Philion, Mindy Oakley, Ted Oliver, Walker Sanders, Susan Schwartz, Mac Sims, Laura Way, Len White, Rich Whittington, Ed Wolverton, Michele Rash (for Monty Haglar)

Also attending: Don Patterson, News & Record"

...Q. Q. Are performing arts centers self-sustaining?
A. No.

...Q. How can we satisfy the skeptics with a plan
that is honest, careful and convincing?
How can we build a “census of excitement”?
A. The case needs to be made for presenting a study of
“appreciative inquiry.”

...Q. Are performing arts centers self-sustaining
or is a substantial endowment required?
A. Being self-sustaining is “the impossible dream;”
we always recommend an endowment is created
as part of the original funding.

Q. Do we have an achievable time frame (for delivering the report on time)?
A. Yes. Our fees reflect this.


"Coliseum Managing Director Matt Brown
kick-started the renewed focus on building a performing arts center
with his proposal earlier this year to build a $36 million center
...using a the hotel-motel tax revenues and a bond put before voters this fall.

In pushing for his proposal
—which will be considered by the task force
rather than presented to the city council as a competing proposal..."

"From "Economic Impact/Feasibility Committee Meeting
February 21, 2012 Meeting Minutes"

Charge to The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro:
Create an open, candid and constructive dialogue around the needs of a performing arts center
Create an economic impact report and a feasibility analysis of a downtown facility
Explore private investors to complement public resources

...What the other benefits are to downtown/community

...Our committee should look at how other businesses benefit
from having GPAC downtown;

...Florence Gatten suggested utilizing the CVB on economic data
in regards to impact on the Hotel Occupancy Tax from a GPAC.

...Walker Sanders mentioned that Matt Brown
would be responsible for estimates regarding Operation costs of a GPAC;

...AMS Recommended by Andrew Brod
KPMG Conducted a study in Dallas TX

AMS process includes: situation analysis, market knowledge,
business plan, economic & community benefits.

Donna Newton and Mike Diamond,
co-chairs of the citizen engagement committee reported on their committee.

The committee had broken down into three sub groups:
survey, public forums and media.

RLF has been charged with creating a media strategy and AMS consultants will assist the survey.

...The task force needs to find a way to communicate
that this facility will be for the community
not just a facility for opera and symphony.

Depending on scope of project/study,
cost could range from $30k to $100k."


Economic Impact/Feasibility Committee
•The Hon. Patrice Hinnant, Co-Chair (Superior Court Judge)
•Reid Phillips, Co-Chair (Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP)
Betty Cone (Carolina Theatre, Hon. Chairwoman of the Board; Downtown Greensboro Inc., Past Chairwoman of the Board)
•Ed Wolverton (Downtown Greensboro Inc)
•Eric Calhoun (Richardson Corporation)
•Florence Gatten (Gatten Enterprises)
•Larry Czarda (Greensboro College)
•Laura Way (Green Hill Center for NC Art)
Len White (Alliance Management)
•Lewis Cheek (K&L Gates, LLP)
•Lin Ingram (Lincoln Financial)
Mac Sims (East Market Street Development Corp.)
Randall Kaplan (Capsule Group)
Richard Beard (Simpson Schulman & Beard Commercial Real Estate)
•Rich Whittington (Triad Stage)
Roy Carroll (The Carroll Companies)
Susan Schwartz (The Cemala Foundation)
•Ted Oliver (Davenport and Co.)
•Tom Sloan (Bank of North Carolina, Board Chair)

Development/Marketing Committee
  • Kathy Manning, Co-Chair (Attorney; Board Chair of Jewish Federations of North America)
  • Frances Bullock, Co-Chair (Community volunteer)
  • Dr. Gene LeBauer (LeBauer Medical Center)
  • George House (Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP)
  • Jamesena Watkins (Community volunteer)
  • Linda Sloan (Community volunteer)
  • Lisa Bullock (Community volunteer)
  • Maxine Bakeman (Community volunteer)
  • Dr. Sam LeBauer (Retired)

Advisory Committee

  • Louise Brady, Co-Chair (Wells Fargo Advisors)
  • Henry Frye, Co-Chair (Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP)
  • Denise Turner Roth, Ex-Officio (City Manager)
  • Donna Newton (Guilford Non-profit Consortium)
  • Ed Wolverton (Downtown Greensboro Incorporated)
  • Kathy Manning (Attorney; Board Chair of the Jewish Federations of North America)
  • Ken Mayer (Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates)
  • Laura Way (Green Hill Center for NC Art)
  • Linda Carlisle, Special Advisor (Secretary of the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources)
  • Matt Brown (Greensboro Coliseum Complex)
  • Mike Diamond (BB&T Wealth)
  • Mona Edwards (Center for Creative Leadership)
  • Monty Hagler (RLF Communications)
  • The Hon. Patrice Hinnant (Superior Court Judge)
  • Reid Phillips (Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP)
  • Rich Whittington, Triad Stage
  • Ross Harris, Project Manager
  • Sarah Healy, Executive Assistant
  • Tom Philion, United Arts Council
  • Walker Sanders, Ex-Officio

Citizen Engagement Committee

  • Donna Newton, Co-Chair (Guilford Non-profit Consortium; Greensboro Neighborhood Congress)
  • Mike Diamond, Co-Chair (BB&T Wealth)
  • Bob Davis (N.C. A&T State University)
  • Claudia Femenias (High Point University)
  • Dal Khatri (Employment Specialist)
  • Dan Miller (N.C. A&T State University)
  • Daniel Craft (Craft Inc.)
  • DJ Hardy (Greensboro Jaycees; Ole Asheboro Street Neighborhood Association)
  • Ellen Sheridan (Ellen Louise Designs)
  • Frank Rakestraw (Community volunteer)
  • Jeb Brooks (The Brooks Group)
  • Jeff Hyde (Aesthetic Imagines Photography)
  • John Cross (Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP)
  • Julie Lapham (UNCG Center for Women’s Health and Wellness)
  • Kate Panzer (Kate Panzer Consulting)
  • Katie Southard (The Green Bean)
  • Marsh Prause (Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP)
  • Ray Trapp (Emerson Management)
The co-chairs opened the meeting
with a review of the committee’s charge
and stressed that we are to present ourselves in a neutral fashion.

How do we shift from within to a community focus?
How do we hear dissenting opinions?
How do we present ourselves as neutral?
 How do we communicate and get the information to the community?
 Where do we need them?
How do we educate with authenticity?
How do we stay balanced between education and being neutral?
 How do we let them know what the PAC can do for all of the community?

Donna Newton expressed that a principal concern thus far
seems to be whether this is for the symphony/opera crowd
to be paid for by the entire community.

...what does this community want to see
in a downtown performing arts center?

How would they use it?

“What does it mean to them?”

,,,Matt Brown will report the different types of facilities
that might be considered as part of the education process.

Another observation was that we need to be prepared
to discuss what else the money raised for the PAC could otherwise be used.

The other economic development bond?

...In addition to the community forums,
this subcommittee felt that there should be an effort
to go out to the community to ask questions.

...Have something similar to a speakers bureau
and speak at Kiwanis, Rotary, other nonprofits,
the business community, churches, rec centers, etc.

iii. As part of these “get out” efforts,
we may make it clear that we are someone who can be asked
(the “ask me” button or the “tell me what you think button”).


RLF Communications is in the process of developing a Suggested Media Strategy

The Advisory Committee has asked
that only Committee Chairs, Ross Harris, and Walker Sanders
speak to the media regarding this project.

...Ross Harris shared with the group that the media briefings
will be held before each community forum
so that members of the media will have some advance notice
of what will be shared during these forums.

...It was again suggested that we call this a “Community Arts Center”
Task Force rather than “Performing Arts Center”

...We should use our survey efforts as a two-way communication tool
in order to share historical and other perspectives on Performing Arts Centers (“PAC).

An idea was presented to incorporate video into the survey tools
as part of our efforts in this regard.

- We should explore the opportunities
for subsidized performances at the PAC.

- We should gain an understanding
of the methodologies employed by the consultants relative to surveying efforts.

- An idea was shared to conduct a Poll
in order to educate the community about our efforts.

[Ross Harris indicated that the Advisory Committee
has determined not to conduct polls at this point in the process].

However, the poll we are suggesting is an awareness poll
– not an opinion poll.

Other locations [for presentations to the community]
include Phillips Ave. Library and the Warnersville neighborhood.


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