Something this way comes.

Observe the following sequence of very recent headlines:

"Japan trade deficit hits record",
"Australia Records First Trade Deficit in 11 Months on 8% Plunge in Exports",
"Brazil Posts First Monthly Trade Deficit in 12 Months "
then of course this: "[US] Trade deficit hits 3-year record imbalance",
and finally...we get the following stunning headline:
"China Has Biggest Trade Shortfall Since 1989 on Europe Turmoil."

...Perhaps the second consecutive record high in monthly crude imports
has something to do with it.

Which in turn when considering the huge selloff of US Treasury paper
by China in the last few months,
indicates that the world's fastest growing economy
no longer has an interest in taking its export dollars
and using them to fund purchases of US paper,
but is in fact converting US fiat into real, hard goods.

...what is truly scary is that for the first time ever,
virtually every major economic block in the world is importing...

...here are some truly stunning charts showing the epic collapse
in the Chinese economy,
which while still experiencing intermittent flashes of inflation...


China Posts Biggest Trade Deficit Since 1989 As Crude Imports Surge

"A tale of two civilizations, one in ascent and one in decline,
can probably be best summarized
by how they ration for the future in that most important of commodities
- energy, in this case vis-a-vis the respective treatment of the strategic oil reserves
of China and the US.

...China has "started filling its emergency petroleum reserve
at Lanzhou in the nation’s northwest...

...China is completely ignoring all the day to day mundane drivel,
and is doing what is right - which is to make sure it is prepared
for an "eventuality" in the crude supply."


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