How much have Durham taxpayers paid on top of the costs of DPAC to bail out their version of the Carolina Theater?

"...the Carolina has been closed for renovations
funded by the second phase of a 2005 bond valued at $1.8 million.

How much could Greensboro taxpayers end up paying to keep Carolina Theater in business
if we build a new Performing Arts Center?

...The renovation process has been nicknamed "the Face-lift"
...(a previous set of repairs to the HVAC and leaky roof
was nicknamed "the Heart Transplant").

...An additional upgrade, paid for outside of the initial bond,
sees new high-quality digital projectors...

..."It's always a challenge when the revenue stops coming in,
but when you look at the cost of not having this, it more than evens out.

"The city gets a better building, and we get a better place to do business."

Indy Week

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