99 Blocks: The Performing Arts Center: Hurried Plans And Not Much Time

"Interim City Manager Denise Turner Roth late Friday released a memo saying she is asking the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to form a "diverse, citywide taskforce" on the matter.

Packed with supporters?

The taskforce will hold public meetings to gauge just how much citywide interest there is in a performing arts center for downtown. And the taskforce will hire consultants to conduct an economic impact study and explore possible private funding, perhaps from investors or philanthropic foundations.

Who is going to pay for the consultants?

Who is paying for the economic impact study?

What assumptions will be used for the study?

...But downtown leaders for years have been making plans for a similar facility for downtown.

Didn't Robbie say there was no plan until two weeks ago?

...Now downtown leaders have to come up with a plan that includes just what kind of facility is needed, how big should it be, where in downtown should it be located, how will it be paid for and how to get the public to favor the idea when it comes for a vote on election day in November.

Except for the plan from 2010
which included locations
and a marketing plan to get enough money and votes?

...So look for the new task force to be up and running in a matter of a few weeks.

...It’s going to be a whirlwind ride to pull all this off by the fall elections."

99 Blocks

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