GN&R "Editorial: Only downtown" - near the News & Record Property?

"...Could a downtown GPAC -- Greensboro Performing Arts Center -- match that success [of DPAC]?

It's a tall order.

Where's the money?

The City Council agreed Tuesday to pursue putting a bond referendum for a GPAC on the November ballot.

Mayor Robbie Perkins says trying isn't enough.

"This community is going to get this done," he said Wednesday.

"It's not an option.

This community has got to get things like this done."

But there are options, and the council has to make the right decisions before going to voters.

A new center would replace aging War Memorial Auditorium at the Greensboro Coliseum.

...The final option is to tear it down and consider two alternatives.

Are those the only alternatives?

One is to build a new arts center at the coliseum where land is already available.

That could be done for about $36 million, according to city estimates.

Council members prefer the downtown option, but that would cost more, primarily because of the need to purchase land.

The plan would work only with enough private funding to make up the difference.

A downtown location promises greater benefits to Greensboro.

Audiences would be more likely to visit bars and restaurants within easy walking distance before and after shows.

Like the Carolina Theater?

If downtown is Plan A, then leaders should make a firm commitment to it.

Find a site and work to secure the private funding.

Like the News & Record property
identified in the 2010 plan?

...Winning a bond vote requires the best [marketing/propaganda?] plan.

Perkins and others offer a strong argument that a downtown GPAC will deliver the biggest bang for the buck -- if private funding is part of the mix."

GN&R Editorial Board
that seems to have no problem
not mentioning multiples of conflicts of interests
when promoting downtown Greensboro

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