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News and Record's Kelly Poe on Gerbing and Linkfest

"In August, the City Council offered the company $150,000 to move the corporate headquarters to downtown.

More like City Council offered John Lomax and Sam Simpson $150,000
to move Gerbing into John Lomax's building
with Sam recieving the commission on the incentive 
and a percentage of the monthly rent.

But in January the company declined to take the money, without giving an explanation.

Councilman Zack Matheny had brought the proposal to the table.

While taking campaign cash from Lomax, Simpson and other partners
at Simpson, Shulman and Beard.

The council created a new incentive program to give Gerbing $150,000 because it didn't meet the city's requirement to invest a minimum of $1.5 million."
Zack Matheny recently didn't vote for another incentive deal that didn't meet the requirements
after pushing the Gerbing deal tied to campaign contributors
and ended up voting against the Downtown Wyndham deal
after advocating for the $8 million hand out before it became a $2 million incentive
to some who have contributed to Zack's campaigns.

Gerbing declines city incentives

Council approves $150,000 incentive to relocate clothing company

"The incentive was worth six times what the city would normally provide for such a deal.
Greensboro will give Gerbing $6,000 for each job it plans to create instead of the $1,000 per job offered under Greensboro’s incentive policy guidelines."

City of Greensboro incentives are usually only provided after the company creates the jobs.

The council was scheduled to consider making changes to its incentives policy to allow for the type of agreement it made with Gerbing.

Mayoral candidate George Hartzman spoke against the change in policy.

He argued that under the policy the council would create a situation where incentives wouldn't pay for themselves in increased property taxes paid by the company.

"You are going to create the ability to just cut checks to people without bringing in the tax value the city would regain in property tax revenue," Hartzman said."

Greensboro considers boosting incentives for companies

"City Council might change its incentives policy in order to lure a clothing manufacturer’s headquarters to downtown.

On Monday, council will vote whether or not to add a new program to the Urban Development Investment Guidelines that would establish higher incentives for bringing business to downtown.

The proposed guidelines would create new incentives for companies that locate in the central business district that ties payment to the number of jobs rather than increasing the tax base.

The new guidelines would allow $6,000 in incentives for every new job added that pays at or above the Guilford County average wage for private industry.

...Under the current policy, city guidelines allow up to a maximum of $1,500 per job.

“The reality is, we have got to be as flexible as possible to recruit business to Greensboro, not just to downtown,” Matheny said."

Zack was for the Wyndham project before he was against it.

Billy Jones; Zack Matheny's Wyndham Text Messages

From a few emails I recieved late last night on the Wyndham deal etc..., and Sam Howe's LTE

Zack Matheny Flip Flops to Run for Congress

From the owner of the Greensboro Marriott Downtown on the Impact of the Wyndham Downtown Hotel

An Oakley Incentive Payoff to Fund Zack Matheny's District 6 Congressional Race?

Zack Matheny moved money from his City Council race take to his congressional account

Greensboro economic development leaders [and Zack] defend their record

Billy Jones; Incentives in Greensboro Series

Zack Matheny doing what Roy Carroll told him to on economic incentives after what looks like selling taxpayer money to fund his Congressional campaign?

Matheny, Perkins and Roy Carroll

Zack Matheny shoving an incentive for his friends and campaign contributors down Greensboro taxpayer's throats

Sam Simpson is the new DGI board Chairman, and a Zack Matheny contributor, along with some of his business partners.

The building that would have received the benefits of taxpayer money is owned by John Lomax, who I recall gave Zack $1,000, as well as Nancy Hoffmann

Mr. Matheny denied Sam Simpson was going to make any money on the deal on video at city council;

Mr. Matheny was/is the Chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

How Greensboro works; Zack Matheny edition; Pay to play and cronyism personified

Did Zack Matheny sell Greensboro taxpayer money to run for congress?

Zack recieved contributions from John Lomax and Sam Simpson, who benefited from the Gerbings deal.

Should the chair of the City's Economic Development Committee accept campaign contributions from employees of entities receiving money from the city via city council votes advocated and voted on by Zack Matheny?

I hear congressional candidate Zack Matheny is pushing for the Downtown Hotel deal


Dawn Cheney, DGI Chair amongst many other city boards; Page 5 of 21

Sam Simpson, incoming DGI Chair, and broker for the Gerbing's fiasco incentive

And $600 to the Rhino Times for advertising, before John Hammer endorsed Zack after he wrote Zack gave away too much money.

"developers want $8 million in taxpayer money from City of Greensboro"

...Councilman Zack Matheny was working with company representatives to negotiate a different incentive.

Zack Matheny received a contribution/payoff from Randall Kaplan on 10/1/2013

“It’s a big number,” Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan said.

Jodi Riddleberger on Greensboro's "incentives"

According to local media reports Zack Matheny was quite agitated about the lengthy Gerbings incentive process. He complained that the process was too slow and that Gerbings was unsatisfied. In Matheny’s opinion the city attorney’s office was “not very business friendly.”

...The city council couldn’t give taxpayer dollars away fast enough, so now Councilman Matheny is promoting the idea that Greensboro is “not very business friendly.”

...Are we, the taxpaying citizens of Greensboro, being manipulated by our elected officials?

...until more people are willing to send e-mails and make phone calls to their council people, demanding that these types of political games are stopped, then we can expect more of the same.

Next time you hear about how savvy the political leaders in Greensboro are - by luring corporations through economic incentives - understand it for what it is: Wealth redistribution. Theft. Corporate welfare..."

At the 9/10/2007 Zoning Commission Meeting, Zack Matheny voted for attorneys Derek Allen's, Henry Issaacson, and Charlie Melvin requests, including a rezoning for Alliance Commercial, after receiving $2,000 from principals of Alliance Management on 6/21/2007, and 6/26/07.

ES Melvin cut Zack a check on 7/30/07.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce that makes a lot of money off Greensboro's taxpayers cut Zack a check for $250 on 6/12/07.

Charles Melvin Jr. of Smith Moore, paid on 7/6/2007.

Henry Isaacson paid on 8/3/07, the same day his son Marc gave too.

All while Zack voted for these people's stuff while he worked for taxpayers on the Zoning Commission.
On June 11, 2007, Zack Matheny voted for a rezoning for Carroll Capital Investments, LLC, represented by Robbie Perkins, for Roy Carroll.

Zack received money from Mr. Carroll's PAC on 10/30/07.

Mr. Carroll also gave checks to Robbie, etc..., as he garnered about $4 million in tax breaks for Center Pointe.
On October 8, 2007, Zack voted for a rezoning for Wendover South Associates Limited Partnership.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce represented Wendover South, owned by Henry's client Mega Builders.

Mike Winstead gave to Zack on 8/3/07a little more than two months before.

Mike's partner Joe paid Zack on 8/3/07.

"Carroll seeks $4M from Greensboro for shovel-ready site"

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