One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Emails on the Civil Rights Museum Payment; October 24 - 25, Mujeeb Shah-Khan "circumventing the internal control system"


From the City of Greensboro Audit review of the late Civil Rights Museum's 2012 audit

If Deena Hayes was the Chairperson, why did George Clopton sign the Civil Rights Museum contract?

Civil Rights Museum Contradiction; Denise Turner Roth vs. Museum Board Member Doug Harris

Dear Skip; A notary shall not perform a notarial act if any of the following apply:

Looks like the City Attorney didn't collateralize the Civil Rights Museum loan and the money is gone

The notarized agreement signed by Greensboro's Attorney and Skip Alston, Notary Public

Per the Loan Contract between Greensboro and the Civil Rights Museum, it appears the loan is in default

Greensboro's City Council/Staff knew the Civil Rights Museum was/is financially unsustainable in April, 2013

Greensboro City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan and the International Civil Rights Center and Museum

I believe many of Greensboro's African American voters got played for fools during 2013's City Council elections.

Linkfest from the Civil Rights Museum Sustainability Plan, and Past and Expected "Grants"

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Anonymous said...

This makes my blood boil.

"City Attorney… ya fired"