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If Deena Hayes was the Chairperson, why did George Clopton sign the Civil Rights Museum contract?

"...veteran Guilford County Board of Education member Deena Hayes now heads the board of Greensboro’s struggling International Civil Rights Center & Museum.

...Hayes’ election was itself a well-kept secret that followed the resignation of outgoing Chairman George Clopton, who stepped down suddenly after only four months at the post. Or so it seemed.

Longtime museum board member and attorney Doug Harris [whose name appears in the contract] said Monday that Clopton had intended all along to serve temporarily.

Did Doug Harris know Deena was the Chair when Clopton signed the contract?

But nobody bothered to tell the public.

Further, Harris said Hayes had been elected to succeed Clopton a month ago.

The rest of us found out Monday."
Some appear to have lied to News 2 yesterday;

"Deena Hayes was voted in Monday afternoon to lead the ICRCM board after the former board chair, George Clopton stepped down.

...George Clopton sent WFMY News 2 this statement: It's been a very exciting day stepping down and updating the Board of all of the developments over the last few months.

...Hayes told WFMY she doesn't know her duties in the role just yet even though she was voted in and takes over immediately.

"I don't think it was about wanting to be the chairperson of the board, it was willing to step into that leadership position through the support of all of my colleagues on here. I was nominated so I gladly accepted their nomination," said Hayes."

It is my understanding that the contract was signed in February, 2014.

Per the city, the contract was signed on February 14, 2014.

George Clopton wasn't the chair.

Gwendolyn Alston witnessed that he was, as Skip Alston notarized the contract knowing Clopton wasn't.

The 14th of February?

Clopton is still listed as the chair at the museum's website;

Board of Directors

George Clopton

Earl F. Jones
Vice Chairman

Dr. Edward B. Fort

Daniel Duncan

Board Members

Skip Alston

Hurley W. Derrickson

Doug S. Harris, Esq.

Deena Hayes

Henry Isaacson, Esq., therefore Henry is partly responsible for this mess, as is Robbie Perkins

James Johnson

Jibreel Khazan

Richard A. Koritz

Gladys F. Shipman

Dr. Harold L. Martin, Sr.

Ronald Milstein
If Commissioner Alston commingled funds with Real Estate Broker Alston, and Deena Hayes shares the same voting district...?

If Deena Hayes has a non-race related conflict of interest issue relative to the Downtown Hotel Project, why would the Undoing Racism Group White Caucus ask her to circulate racially oriented talking points?
If Deena Hayes was in with Skip Alston on the Downtown Hotel deal in 2009/2010, and now Deena Hayes is the Chairman of the museum, how is Deena Hayes not a stand in for Skip?

I believe Greensboro's taxpayers have been rolled.

"During a meeting at the Old Guilford County Courthouse on Jan. 22, county commission Chairman Skip Alston warned Greensboro Mayor Bill Knight and Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Vaughan that there could be repercussions if an item about hotel bond financing were to reappear on the city council’s agenda.

...“I will swear on a stack of Bibles,” Vaughan said. “He mentioned a possible recall against me, Bill and Danny.

...Alston said Deena Hayes, a political ally, had considered leading a protest...

...Hayes is a member of the museum’s board of directors. As a member of the Ole Asheboro Neighborhood Association, which holds a stake in the downtown luxury hotel partnership, she has been a vocal proponent of the project. Revenue from the hotel would allow the neighborhood association to pursue community development initiatives. Hayes also stands to receive a direct financial benefit from the building of the hotel.

Lawyer Henry Isaacson introduced JCG & Associates as a principal in the hotel partnership during a city council meeting earlier this month. The construction and general contracting company is owned by John C. Greene. Hayes and Greene own a house together on Gorrell Street and voting records confirm that both are residents.

...“Deena was acting on behalf of the neighborhood, that was always my impression,” Vaughan said. “It turns out that she might actually have a substantial financial gain from this project. As elected officials, I would expect that Skip and Deena would appreciate the scrutiny that we have to give this. They know the fiduciary responsibility that we have, and I don’t think it’s out of line to ask questions…. Just because you ask questions doesn’t mean you’re a racist. I voted for affordable housing and I voted to close the White Street Landfill. To be painted as a racist is very hurtful.”

Hayes did not respond to efforts to obtain comment for this story.

Alston said that, contrary to popular perception, it’s not he and Hayes that trying to leverage advantage...
A bunch of Ed Cone material when I looked up "Deena Hayes".

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