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Greensboro City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan and the International Civil Rights Center and Museum

"When the city wrote the International Civil Rights Center and Museum a $750,000 check last year, it didn’t yet have a signed loan agreement with the museum.

Mujeeb knew.

The city gave the museum the first half of $1.5 million in forgivable loans in October to help prop up the financially failing organization.

The city gave away $750,000
based on audits Mujeeb and Denise Turner Roth found "acceptable"
to what very looks like a financially unsustainable venture
whose principals are/were politically connected to city council members.

...Several members suggested the city should try to get the $750,000 back from the museum, but City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan said he didn’t think the council could do that.

If the city can't get any of the money back, 
Mujeeb appears to be partly responsible 
for losing $750,000 of everyone else's money.

I believe taxpayers should get a second opinion.

I don't think Mujeeb is currently acting in the best interests
of Greensboro's taxpayers.

This is the second time in as many weeks that council members were caught unaware by the way city staff handled the agreement with the museum.

Unaware directly due to some actions or lack thereof
by Greensboro's City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan
among others who knew.

...The loan agreement details how the money will be paid out and under what conditions the loan will be in default.

Did the city ask the museum to not spend any more, 
and if so, when, and what happened after?

Former City Manager Denise Turner Roth sent council members a memo Oct. 25, saying that the museum had provided acceptable audits to the city and that she was comfortable giving the nonprofit the first $750,000 payment.

Less than two weeks before the election,
in which Skip Alston and friends were backing Robbie Perkins.

She also noted that the city legal department was still finalizing the agreement with the museum.

“We were advancing the ball,” Shah-Khan said. “They had met the requirements that council had outlined.”

...Councilman Mike Barber, an attorney, questioned whether it was legal for the city to cut such a check.

Shah-Khan said there was no legal problem with the payment.

...Shah-Khan said the contract has provisions for the city to take the money back if the museum is in default.

But at this time, he said, the museum is not in default.

Friday’s revelation came on the heels of a discovery that the museum failed to turn over a 2012 audit to the city by Jan. 1, a requirement of the $750,000 loan.

Which Mujeeb must have known was not received by the city, 
and if it wasn't, Mujeeb and his legal department
must have had some responsibilities for the compliance follow up.

The sustainability plan, due on February 1, 2014
was received by the city on February 6.

Council members said they were not aware Roth gave the museum more time to turn in the audit instead of seeking the money back as the council had dictated."
Robbie and Denise are gone.

Robbie personally identified and advocated for Mujeeb with acquiescence from Denise.

Mujeeb didn't review the tax credit information in writing, but relied on a telephone conversation to determine the museum's obligations on more than $18 million of complicated information that was never actually reviewed.

I believe it's time for Mujeeb to go.

I believe Mujeeb has violated his fiduciary responsibilities to Greensboro's taxpayers.

I believe Mujeeb utilized prior restraint.

Prior restraint or prior censorship eliminates certain material from being published or communicated.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, the government and/or a select few appear to have prevented controversial information from being disseminated to the public to manipulate an election.

Mujeeb allowed Nancy Hoffmann to vote DGI money while in negotiations for DGI to lease her building.

Mujeeb allowed Yvonne Johnson to vote on and advocate for the museum bailout, 
after Yvonne stepped down as a manager of the museum.

I believe Mujeeb let council members ignore the chances of the money getting flushed.

I believe Mujeeb tried his very best to get Robbie Perkins reelected,
while acting as a fiduciary to Greensboro's taxpayers
and violated said fiduciary responsibilities. 

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Shah Khan should be fired.