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I believe many of Greensboro's African American voters got played for fools during 2013's City Council elections.

All of the following issues occurred relatively right before the election on November 5, 2013.

Robbie Perkins, City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan and former City Manager Denise Turner Roth had their hands in all three issues.

Public records requests were stalled until after the election.

Skip Alston entered the Bessemer Center deal without involvement in the bidding process.

Mujeeb found Yvonne Johnson to not have a conflict on the museum vote, after her name appeared as a manager for the facility, which involved fellow Simkins PAC member Skip Alston.

Denise hid the deal from public scrutiny.

Robbie advocated for the museum bailout, the police settlement, the TV show and Skip's $150,000 take on the shopping center while employing Alston's former campaign manager.
International Civil Rights Center & Museum Board Chairman Stepping Down

"George Clopton, chairman of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum board, will step down Monday after only four months on the job.

...The museum did not announce who will be the next chairman."
City Wins Police Lawsuit

"The lawsuit filed by 40 Greensboro police officers against the City of Greensboro and other defendants in December 2009 has finally ended, with the defendants being granted a motion for summary judgment and the dismissal all claims brought by the remaining two officers.

This fall the city paid $500,000 to 38 police officers to settle the lawsuit.

But two, Charles Cherry and Joseph Pryor, didn’t accept the settlement and went forward with the suit.

...Summary judgment is the legal term for what in everyday vernacular would be called thrown out of court.

Granting the summary judgment motion means that even if the evidence is viewed in the most favorable light for the plaintiffs, in the opinion of the court no reasonable jury could find in their favor.

...when the matter finally did get heard in court, the judge said that the plaintiffs had no case.

...the fact that summary judgment was granted in these two cases does not prove that it would have been granted in the cases of the 38 officers who accepted the $500,000 settlement. But since the claims for the officers were similar – involving the imaginary black book – it is an indication that the city had a good chance of winning summary judgment in all those cases if the City Council had not decided to give the 38 police officers $500,000...",-2013.html
26. Resolution to revoke Resolution #172-13 dated June 18, 2013 to rescind approval for $300,000 Economic Development Loan to Black Network Television Ad Agency, LLC.
Before voting to give Skip $150,000 of everyone else's money for a strip mall without a legitimate bidding process, Robbie, who's campaign paid $3,000 for a Simkins PAC endorsement in 2011, was an honorary Chair of the ICRC/Simkins golf tournament, which raised money to bail out the museum, while simultaneously asked Greensboro Taxpayers for $1,500,000.

Skip Alston is the Simkins PAC Treasurer.

Notice the after party will be held at Roy's unregistered 17th floor Center Pointe Ballroom, which Roy says is part of his house.

Does anyone get the impression Roy, Robbie and the Simkins crowd are in bed together, relative to many Greensboro City Council initiatives?
A direct financial interest by Yvonne Johnson in the Renaissance Shopping Center Greensboro City Council Vote;

On the Bessemer Center/Skip Alston Deal; North Carolina Statute § 143‑129. Procedure for letting of public contracts;

Why would Robbie Perkins and Jim Kee champion giving away $4,474,100 of everyone elses money?;

"facilitatating redevelopment";

Bessemer/Skip Alston Deal; § 160A‑457. Acquisition and disposition of property for redevelopment;

Bessemer/Renaissance Center Analysis, Motion, Statutes; The questions have been emailed to the city as information requests;

The International Civil Rights Museum's 2011 IRS tax form 990 and what looks like a bailout for wealthy investors, with what looks like some pretty important unanswered questions;

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Billy Jones said...

"I believe many of Greensboro's African American voters got played for fools during 2013's City Council elections."

I believe most of Greensboro's voters, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic and others got played for fools during 2013's City Council elections.

"Same as it ever was, same as it ever was..."