Guilford County, North Carolina Covid-19 Cases Spiking

Guilford County reported 189 new cases October 30 and 205 new cases the day before. Data begins on April 15, 2020 with 10 deaths;

Guilford County, North Carolina Covid-19 New Cases Per Day


It took 36 days to reach 50 deaths on 5/21/2020 from 10 on 4/15/2020, 28 days to 100 deaths on June 19, 46 days to 150 in Summer on August 4, and 78 days to hit 200 deaths on October 22. Most of the mortality is concentrated on higher age populations;

Guilford County Total Deaths

Hopefully, now that we should know more on protecting the elderly and infirmed, deaths should not spike at the same rate as cases, due to 68% of those getting infected are under age 60;

10/16/20; Guilford County and North Carolina Total Covid-19 Cases and Deaths YTD; What may likely happen next

April 15, 2020; COVID-19 severity thoughts based on monthly global temperatures compared to 1918-1919

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