The US Federal Government's Thrift Savings Program Fund Comparison Matrix; Average Fund Expense Ratio = 0.03%


G Fund expense ratio.......0.027%
F Fund expense ratio.......0.039%
C Fund expense ratio.......0.029%
S Fund expense ratio.......0.026%
I Fund expense ratio.......0.029%

Average Fund Expense Ratio = 0.030%, or 3/10th's of 1 percent.
For every $1 million in the US Federal Government's Thrift Savings Plan, the cost to employees enrolled in the plan pay about $300.

For every $1 million in the City of Greensboro's ICMA 457 plan, the cost to employees enrolled in the plan pay about $9,600.

City of Greensboro 457 Plan Proposal

$9,600 - $300 = $9,300

The City of Greensboro's 457 retirement plan for employees costs $9,300 per million more to manage than the Federal Government's retirement plan.

Greensboro's plan has about $80 million.

$9,300 x 80 = $744,000, which means Greensboro employees pay $744,000 more per year than Federal employees.
The federal government designed and implemented a retirement plan for their employees, meaning federal government employees created their plan for themselves.

The City of Greensboro was sold a retirement plan from ICMA-RC.

The closer any given municipality can get to the Federal Government's retirement plan costs, the higher the chances of more money for the employees of any given municipality upon retirement, from the plan spending less on retirement plan costs.

Bar chart: Thrift Savings Plan Average Net Expense Ratio 2000–2013
"Expense Ratio

The TSP expenses are the costs of administering the TSP. The gross expenses include: The management fees for each investment fund, The costs of operating and maintaining the TSP's recordkeeping system, The cost of providing participant services, and The printing and mailing of notices, statements, and publications.

The net TSP expense ratio represents the amount that participants' investment returns were reduced by TSP administrative expenses.  Expense ratios may also be expressed in basis points. One basis point is 1/100th of one percent, or .01%.

Therefore, the 2013 TSP net expense ratio of .029% is 2.9 basis points. Expressed either way, this means that expenses charged to each TSP account in 2013 were approximately 29 cents per $1,000 of investment."

The US Federal Government's Thrift Savings Program Fund Comparison Matrix; Average Fund Expense Ratio = 0.03%


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Ometecuhtli2001 said...

The fees are a lot less in TSP than ICMA-RC (I have both and I hate ICMA-RC), but, does TSP consistently outperform ICMA-RC, regardless of fees?