Map of Russian military build up on Ukraine border and possible moves

My grandfather grew up in Odessa in the left bottom corner.

If I were Putin, I would use the troops on the border to eliminate the threat from Ukraine's military from advancing on Crimea.

There are some coal mining and manufacturing sites in Eastern Ukraine that could be takeable as well if Russia thinks the West won't intervene. Problem with an Eastern invasion would be Ukrainian retaliation via blowing up Russia's gas lines to Europe.

Ukraine could cut off Crimea's gas supplies.

Maybe if some radicals in Ukraine blow a line, Russia could say an invasion is in Russia's national interests.

The US has a weak looking President and Secretary of State.

If Crimea splits off, how much Ukrainian debt is who going to say they are responsible for?

If the gas lines blow, what happens to the economies of the countries that could become cut off?
"Ukraine is of vital importance to global food supply, ranking only behind the US by some estimates in global grain production.

...Agricultural production is of vital importance to the Ukraine, accounting for 24pc of the country’s total exports and bringing in more than 5pc of total gross domestic product annually."


My dad was born in Havana, Cuba

His father fought in the Russian Revolution, hopped a boat, ended up in Cuba instead of the US, met my Gramma, had dad.

Lost many in the Holocaust.

My Great Grandfather on Mom's side was a Rabbi in Poland who was shot in front of his house by a Nazi in front of my Great Grandmothers mushroom stand.

My pop hauled water in buckets when water shortages hit in Havana.

Emigrated through Miami in 1947 and grew up in Brooklyn.

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