Latest Greensboro Mayoral Legal Bribes for Robbie Perkins; $68,475 total

Robbie Perkins;

Elizabeth Cone, Mortgage Consultant and reaper of Robbie voted for money to Grassroots Productions and DGI.

On Betty Cone, Grassroots Productions and Susan Schwartz; Self Dealing Edition

Susan Schwartz, Betty Cone, Dawn Chaney, Robbie Perkins, DGI and The Greensboro Partnership
David Howard of Windsor Investments, who stands to get Robbie's vote for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money for water and sewer.

Take from the poor to give to friends at the Country Club; Nancy Vaughan and Robbie Perkins edition
ES Melvin, Center City Park; $350,000 of taxpayer money per year.

Barry Siegal, who received a few hundred thousand from everyone else for his Elm Street building.

Triad Good Government PAC; Roy Carroll in disguise.

Rhino ad bill not shown.

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