How far is John Hammer's head inserted into Roy Carroll's rectum? Using Straw Men against challangers

"Roth also said that he would not be influenced by the people who donated to his campaign, but he indicated the other councilmembers cast their votes based on who had given them money.

It’s an allegation that Hartzman makes just about every time he speaks at a council meeting.

Campaign donations are simply a way of life in our electoral system. [which needs fixed]

[GH; From what I can tell, Hammer and Carroll brought in more than $12,000 from contributors via politicians this week, and will probably clear another $30,000 before the election is over.]

Finally Roth made a statement indicating that he is against the development industry. [false]

If Greensboro is to grow then it needs developers. They shouldn’t run the council but neither should they be shut out. The land where my house is was once a farm. A developer bought it, had it rezoned and built houses. Most of us live in houses that were similarly built by developers and most of us like our neighborhoods.

Electing someone who wants to shut developers out of the process doesn’t make sense. [false]

Matheny has voted for far too many giveaways." [true]

John "Owned by Roy Carroll" Hammer
"Here’s the trick.

Take your opponent’s argument to a ridiculous extreme,
and then attack the extremists.

That leaves the opponent to sputter defensively.

In strawmanese, you never specify who ‘those who’ are.

[All the developers, or just the ones who Hammer and Carroll profit from?]

They are the hollow scarecrows you set up to knock down.”

William Safire
Unethical behavior on the part of John Hammer is nothing new;

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Hammer is now officially a wage SLAVE.