from: George Hartzman

to: Amanda Lehmert, Jeff Gauger, Travis Fain, Allen Johnson, Doug Clark, Brian Clary etc..

date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 8:53 PM subject: Fwd: Rhino Times

From everyone else's money to those who profit and contribute to the candidates, to John Hammer who endorses and profits, so more of everyone else's money goes to those who contributed to the status quo candidates.

John hasn't bothered to call or interview me for next week's paper.

My guess this evening is, John will do the throwing under the bus for Roy while you guys watch and say little, and the rich contributors will continue to make more from everyone else while the poor stay poor and Greensboro stays the same.

I hope I'm wrong.
How far is John Hammer's head inserted into Roy Carroll's rectum? Using Straw Men against challengers

Interactions with Elaine Hammer of the Rhino Times, thier rate card


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