Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel, with some Nancy Hoffmann, Dawn Chaney and Nancy Vaughan

Developers Roy Caroll, Randall Kaplan Want To Build Hotels In Downtown Greensboro

Nancy Hoffman's perfectly legal contributions from GPAC task force members


That Kathy did an in-kind contribution with Painted Plate Catering, whose Brad Semon is working with Randall at the Elm Street Center, the location for the new hotel, is an indication Kathy has been busy bundling donations for Nancy Hoffmann's campaign, with the goal of making millions from a taxpayer funded performing arts center.

Dawn Chaney gave $500 to Nancy Hoffman on 4/3/13

Dawn and Nancy like hanging out together

Here they are at a curfew meeting;


Here's Dawn Chaney's Nancy Vaughan contribution, who I hear may be in line to sell some of her property for the GPAC, and owns the property where the Flatiron sits.  She stands to make big money on the deal.  Dawn is also currently DGI Chair and Chair of the Redevelopment Commission;

DGI Chair Dawn Chaney gives to Nancy Vaughan, Liaison to DGI, who says what's still broken is now fixed

And that's how to make money off of everyone else's' in Greensboro, North Carolina

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