One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


DGI Chair Dawn Chaney gives to Nancy Vaughan, Liason to DGI, who says what's still broken is now fixed

I would like Greensboro's City Council to approve the following language to prohibit this clearly unethical behavior, that would stop this indirect form of bribery;

"Current Greensboro City Council Members and Candidates for local elected office are prohibited from accepting campaign contributions from board members of organizations, developers, contractors or their lawyers or agents who have or may receive taxpayer funded contracts or monies, for 12 months before and after doing business with Greensboro’s government."
On Betty Cone's Grassroots Productions, and the infestation of some our local taxpayer funded organizations

Will Nancy Hoffman vote to fund DGI this evening, after her "final submission" to be DGI's landlord?

If DGF "partners with the city", why wouldn't they want to show where the money came from since March 28, 2013?

Why would Nancy Vaughan want to cut rental inspections and tax and borrow to build a money losing swimming pool?

Susan Schwartz, Betty Cone, Dawn Chaney, Robbie Perkins, DGI, The Greensboro Partnership and some numbers that don't add up

A comment at Allen Johnson's "After Wolverton", in which my thoughts on the matter were excluded from the debate

What I said on the City of Greensboro giving TREBIC's Marlene Sanford taxpayer money for lobbying

So I went to a decibel reading at Center City park

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