"George Hartzman is being treated as a serious candidate for mayor by other media.

He isn’t and shouldn’t be.

The News & Record noted that Hartzman had three self-published books.  At least one of those is self-published in the same way that anything printed on a copier and bound with a plastic binder is self-published.  And this book that Hartzman gave me is nearly unreadable because of the way it is formatted.  It boils down to a bunch of quotes and questions that don’t make much sense.

Hartzman makes some good points at City Council meetings.

The idea that the city should get into the automobile design and manufacturing business is absurd.

Another reason that Hartzman should not be considered a viable candidate is that he refuses to raise or spend any money.

Greensboro is a city of 277,000 people.

Nobody should expect to get elected mayor without reaching out to those people and telling them something.  It is not the voters’ job to search out the candidates but the candidates’ job to bring his or her message to the voters.  Hartzman refuses to do this because you cannot reach 277,000 people for free.

If he wants to be treated as a serious candidate he needs to be one, and he isn’t."

John Hammer

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