George Hartzmant's 2009 City Council campaign gave John Hammer's Rhino Times $1,455, or 29% of the total spent

Both Willie and John Hammer solicited advertising from my 2009 campaign.

Both Willie and John Hammer repeatedly suggested that I rescind my $100 campaign max pledge.

John Hammer, who's paper received $1,455 from my campaign, made endorsements for City Council seats after soliciting and bringing in money from candidates.

I believe the Rhino Times' John Hammer doesn't give a rat's ass about anything that doesn't have to do with the best interests of John Hammer

On taking a $1,000 contribution in 2009

On not accepting political campaign donations

I spoke with John on Saturday, and he told me he'd screw me again if I didn't raise campaign money to give him.

In 2009, after John consulted me to take $1,000 from someone whose story meant something, he wrote after; "Hartzman started off his campaign by promising that he would accept no more than $200 from any one person. But when he was offered a check for $1,000, he decided the $200 limit was no longer operative."

John Hammer makes endorsements.

John Hammer takes candidate money for advertising.

John Hammer tends to endorse candidates who spend the most money at his paper.

John Hammer can be dishonest.

John Hammer told me to take the money after he heard the story, said it meant a lot, and then used it against me.

Sometimes, John Hammer doesn't do what's in the best interests of the City of Greensboro, to do what's in the best interests of John Hammer.

John Hammer is not trust worthy.

John Hammer threw Bill Knight under a bus by not disclosing Robbie Perkins affair during the 2011 election and clearly unethical conduct by Perkins given to him before the election.

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