Keith Brown at Triad Watch: "Developer Roy Carroll and Mayor Perkins Special Meeting on Shovel Ready for Roy's Land"


After last week's article in Yes Weekly! titled " Roy Carroll Says Jump, City Springs into Action"

We have chapter 2 in  local developer Roy Carroll and his total influence over the City of Greensboro and how policy is being done and written to influence the Mayor of Greensboro's penthouse neighbor.

On Tuesday March 27, 2012 Mayor Perkins has set a special council meeting at 8:00am in the plaza level conference room of the melvin municipal building to discuss matters relating to the location or expansion of industries or other businesses in the area served by the City of Greensboro.

Then we see in this weeks IFYI March 23, 2012 provided to the media and others the agenda for this special meeting.

Economic Development Briefing
1. Presentation by Jonathan L. Sangster, Senior Managing Director, CBRE Consulting

Mr. Sangster is a Senior Managing Director with CBRE Consulting based in Atlanta Georgia. He leads a team that focuses on business location decisions. He is a recognized national business location and site selection consultant. Mr. Sangster will discuss the site selection process, factors that drive site selection decisions and the role played by state and local government incentives in the site selection decision.

2. Presentation of the highlights of the Grensboro Partnership Strategic Plan, Dan Lynch, President, Greensboro Economic Development Alliance

3. Economic Development Plan- Next Steps

Staff will present a proposal to Council and other stakeholders over the next two months to prepare a strategic work plan for the City's economic development initiative for the next eighteen months.

Who is this Jonathan Sangster ? All we need to do is look no further than a article in the Triad Business Journal from October 7, 2011 with a title "Caterpillar site consultant: Communities look for a home run"

In this article we have this:

"I talked to Sangster this week as I worked on an article in today's paper about the possibility of Greensboro and developer Roy Carroll partnering to develop a 100-acre shovel-ready site in eastern Greensboro. It was a presentation by Sangster at a commercial real estate meeting in Greensboro this spring that helped kick off the push to establish such a site, said Dan Lynch, president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance."

This has been going on for a very long time because on September 23, 2011 Triadwatch had this post titled " Pulled Agenda Item #31 Local Developer and Crony Capitalist Roy Carroll Wants $4,176,775 in Economic Incentive Grant and Loan

Let's hear what Roy Carroll had to say about who pays for water and sewer video below.

It is amazing that with all of this land available in Eastern Guilford County,we have the city wanting to expand water and sewer to this area  which consist of over 9,000 acres and all we have to look at is Roy Carroll's properties. Was there any other land available to look at? Who else was notified on this economic development bond money being used for a shovel ready site. These are some of the question that need to be answered and with this Jonathan Sangster coming into town to talk incentives on site selection to the Greensboro City Council members who is paying for him to be here and is he under contract with Roy Carroll and his companies for his site in Eastern Guilford County.

Hopefully we will see the local media cover this special meeting but don't hold your breath on that."

TriadWatch, at TriadWatch


Billy Jones said...

Any time you like I'll show you 2000 commercial acres inside East Greensboro with access to Wendover Ave water and sewer already there.

And you won't believe who the listing agent is.

Anonymous said...

will Roy pay Greensboro property taxes? will he pay guilford county taxes? when will the jobs be created?

pitchforks and torches...tar and feathers