Dear Walker Sanders: Please disclose the statistical data behind these statements on the Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force.

People can foresee the future
only when it coincides with their own wishes,
and the most grossly obvious facts
can be ignored when they are unwelcome.

George Orwell

“As you look around this room,
and you’ll see a lot of different interests,” [Walker] Sanders said.

“Those who are for a performing arts center,
those who are against it.

How many are currently against?

Those who have been for putting it downtown,
those who have been for putting it at the War Memorial Auditorium complex...

How many task force members want the PAC downtown
as opposed to the auditorium site?

This task force is bringing all those perspectives” [Walker Sanders said]

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

Please detail the specific percentages
of what you claim to be truthful.

Liberty cannot be preserved
without a general knowledge among the people.

John Adams

Don't Steal From My Kids

George Hartzman

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