So I went to a decibel reading at Center City park

Avoiding the point.

Reluctance to address the underlying problem.

Reluctance to take the Mayor on
with respect to recusal.

I asked a policeman if complaints come from some
who reported the wrong cause
because sound reflects off buildings downtown.

He conceded complaints occur that then shift to other locations
once officers have arrived at the complained of place.

I asked what percentage of complaints
are other than those of addresses targeted.

He said he didn't have any statistics.

I may have felt Center Pointe looking down on ants.

I saw passionate oratory by relatively younger "stakeholders"

I saw many who are seeking to preserve their way of life.

Some hoping to keep their jobs.

A few in hushed tones
admitting the racial aspect.

Seems like I sensed that a few
felt like someone made a poor business decision
and doesn't want to admit it
so that someone wants everyone else to conform
to a pre-existing view of what is as myth,
even though it may not be what is is.

Notable (remembered) Attendees:

Nancy Hoffman

Nancy Vaughan

Milton Kern

Henry Isaccson

Amanda Lehmert

Eric Robert

Michael Shifton

Katai Cranford

Betty Cone

Ed Wolverton

Carmen Vaquera

Katie Southard

Simone McClintock

Sidney Gray

Dawn Cheney

Graham Sheridan
Notable non-attendees:

Robbie Perkins

Zack Matheny

Roy Carroll

John Hammer

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