John Hammer on the Gay Marriage Greensboro City Council Vote and Zack Matheny

"The Greensboro City Council is moving left at such a rapid rate that it wouldn't be surprising for a motion to replace General Greene on the city flag with Vladimir Lenin or Karl Marx to pass at the next meeting.

...When the White Street Landfill was an issue, one of the constant complaints of those who opposed using the landfill was that the City Council didn't have a public hearing on the item. Tuesday night many of those same folks voted against having a public hearing on the resolution opposing the marriage amendment.

...After being elected, Perkins had said that this council, under his direction, was going to focus like a laser on three issues: jobs and economic development, infrastructure, and public safety. Perkins was highly critical of the previous council for not spending its time on these issues and getting distracted by less important issues like the landfill.

...Matheny is listed on the agenda as one of the contact persons about the resolution, but Matheny said he didn't know why he was listed as a contact person.

Matheny did, however, make the motion to pass the resolution and voted for it, although he did not give his constituents any insight into why he voted in favor of such a controversial resolution.

Every other councilmember spoke about why they were voting the way they were."

John Hammer

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