Crony capitalism doesn’t give middle-class a fair chance

"...What we are experiencing in the United States during these most difficult times is an insidious tyranny of the minority.

This is another type of evil foisted upon citizens by ultra-elites of both parties...

It is also being practiced by many other greedy entities in our business communities.

For the past several decades middle-class Americans have been under attack by a small but powerful group of elitists who feather their own nests while decimating our way of life in what was the greatest republic ever seen on the face of this earth.

It goes way beyond Republican vs. Democrat, conservative vs. liberal, and rich vs. poor.

The ultra-elitists utilize crony capitalism,
...to hide their own ill-gotten wealth, to the detriment of the middle-class in America.

They employ legions of lobbyists to protect their personal interests against the common good and use every tax dodge in the book, which results in a mega-rich man such as Warren Buffet having to pay less tax than his own secretary.

By using tax loopholes, lobbyists and inside contacts, President Obama's pal, Job Czar Jeff Immelt, chairman of GE, paid no taxes on $14 billion in income last year.

This was while Immelt was going about the dastardly task of removing thousands of American jobs to China.

All of this is happening while this administration is in the process of borrowing trillions of dollars...

...Our kids and grandkids get the bill.

...Washington D.C. needs a thorough housecleaning...

Andy Sutor


W.E. Heasley said...

Dear Inquisition:

Free markets, with freely deciding people, with free people freely making exchange at mutual self interest, is not the problem.

Public policy, which is more succinctly politico policy, creating crony markets with cronies deciding what type/kind crony exchange will occur and under what crony conditions exchange will occur IS the problem.

If one is concerned with equality, then one should also be very, very concerned with equality of power.

g said...