Fungibility and the Greensboro Partnership's anticipated reply to questions of taxpayer funding

"Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity
whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution.

Like the money Greensboro taxpayers pay the Greensboro Partnership?

Examples of highly fungible commodities are crude oil,
wheat, orange juice, precious metals, and currencies.

If Greensboro's taxpayers help fund the Greensboro Partnership
and the Partnership refuses to release "confidential" information
from a study which looks to have been purposefully design
to increase the tax and debt burden for our community,
and the Partnership says that no taxpayer money
was used to create the report,
why wouldn't the concept of fungibility negate their argument
to not be transparent?

Fungibility has nothing to do with the ability
to exchange one commodity for another different commodity.

It refers only to the ease of exchanging one unit of a commodity
with another unit of the same commodity."


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