Abner Doon: February 4, 2012 - 3:10 pm EST

Who am I to say what the morality of what someone else thinks is?

What is the difference
if it has nothing to do with anybody else other than who does it?

Probable reply: "it infects the community etc..."

Men sleeping with neighbors pets... ?

For the record, I believe if you fantasize about a member of the same sex,
and etc... occurs,....chances are you're gay.

siht happens.

Don't hate them for it.

Chances are it had nothing to do with them,
other than thier inherited biology.

Why wouldn't passage of an amendment
not be a form of establishing religion?

Isn't the reason the amendment is desired

Where else in North Carolina's constitution
does discrimination exist?

There are hundreds of other species of animals
that exibit similar behavior.

If you had asked Jesus 2000 years ago
if the universe revolved around Earth,
or if you were on a planet,
or what stars were
or if there were dinasours or the Americas
or Asia,
what do you think he would have said?

Certainly don't allow them to "marry" in your church,
if the majority of the flock opposes.

but what's the difference when they can visit each other in a hospital?

How can a belief that doesn't tread on others be wrong?

Maybe different from yours, but not wrong.

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