Abner Doon: February 4, 2012 - 11:43 am EST

"So, by your logic homosexuality is genetic and not behavioral?"

Actually, the genetic thing is factual.


The problem may lay in the "belief" that humans are also animals?

"So, if I commit a crime or some other behavioral misdeed
I should just explain to the courts that it really was not my decision
to act in this manner I was overcome by genetic predisposition?"

Are you saying being gay is a crime?

Or should be a crime?

Or a crime against your religion?

"That is complete and utter garbage."

Nice straw man
by using a non relevent example of someone who breaks the law
and then calls the idea in question garbage
based on a flawed metaphor?

"Homosexuals are not in any way, shape, or form a minority,
they are people who have chosen to behave
in a manner that contrary to the normal behavior of the vast majority of society."

They "behave" differently from us,
so let's make them pay for being that way
thereby identifying them as a minority
which you also say they are not?

"If you are going to commit the act at least stand up,
take responsibility and accept the consequences that come with it
instead of blaming it on your chromosomes."

So you believe gays should go to jail?

Or is that still the straw man argument?

Have you ever had premarital sax?

Are two women in love
in their home
while not treading on you
somehow breaking the law?

Would you let one of your kids
date a member of a different race?

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