One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Civil Rights Museum / Simkins PAC related links

Yes Weekly on Skip Alston Pressuring City Council Members with the Simkins PAC Endorsement

I believe Yvonne Johnson should have been recused from deliberations and voting on the Civil Rights Museum issue

GN&R's Allen Johnson on Skip Alston

Allen Johnson: "Alston, a member of the powerful Simkins PAC, is not-so-subtly suggesting political payback if they don’t go along with his group’s proposal."

From the City of Greensboro's Internal Audit Division; Civil Rights Museum Financial Review

Dear Steve Bowden, Chairman of the George C. Simkins Jr. Memorial PAC

Rhino Times Skip Alston Propaganda Piece; Roy Carroll must be proud

Yvonne Johnson, Skip Alston and Robbie's self dealing vote for Skip's $150,000; Simkins PAC and money for family members

Self-dealing Skip Alston Style?

How to purchase a Simkins PAC endorsement, by Nancy Hoffmann

On Robbie Perkins' dishonest campaign flier

How Greensboro, North Carolina Works; Skip Alston, Robbie Perkins, Roy Carroll, Renaissance Center, Simkins PAC

Concerned Citizens of Northeast Greensboro; Ralph Johnson / Jim Kee / Robbie Perkins / Skip Alston / Simkins PAC

John Hammer on the Simkins PAC, Purchased Endorsements, and Greensboro's City Council Election results.

The International Civil Rights Museum's 2011 IRS tax form 990 and what looks like a bailout for BB&T and wealthy investors, with what looks like some pretty important unanswered questions

Zack Matheny Speaks About Simkins PAC “Promise”; Posted by ryan [Shell] on January 15, 2008

If the Simpkins PAC’s Skip Alston and Steve Bowden received $750 from Don Vaughan in 2008...

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