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Yvonne Johnson, Skip Alston and Robbie's self dealing vote for Skip's $150,000; Simkins PAC and money for family members

Relative to today's News and Record article on the Simkins PAC and GCC endorsements
Yvonne is a Simpkins PAC member.

Skip Alston is the Simpkins PAC Treasurer.
Are Tawona, Patricia or Anna Johnson related to Yvonne?

Yvonne's campaign gave to the Simpkins PAC.

The Simkins PAC endorsed Yvonne.

Ryan Alston has received compensation from the Simkins PAC.

Ryan Alston had the same address as Skip Alston.

Yvonne voted to give Skip Alston $150,000;

Yvonne may have voted to refinance one of Skip's loans
On the Bessemer Center Shopping Center;

Council members who voted yes: Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson, Jim Kee, Zack Matheny, Mayor Robbie Perkins and Tony Wilkins.

Voting no: Marikay Abuzuaiter, T. Dianne Bellamy-Small, Nancy Hoffmann and Nancy Vaughan.

2007 Simkins PAC's endorsements for Greensboro City Council;

...Yvonne Johnson for mayor is no surprise.

Here’s their stated reason: “We have the opportunity to elect the first African-American mayor of the city of Greensboro. Yvonne has served the community as an avid spokeswoman for 14 years, 12 were as mayor pro-tem.”

Dianne Bellamy-Small

Trudy Wade.

“Each member of the PAC has one vote and those folks had the majority,” he told me by phone today. “I won’t get into the deliberations. None of the candidates gave us the exact answers we’d like hear, but we just thought Trudy Wade and Dianne Bellamy-Small were the better candidates.”

Bowden would not discuss who or how many persons comprise the voting membership of the PAC...

It’s widely known that the PAC is made up of the black leadership of Greensboro.

I’ve previously reported that NC Rep. Alma Adams, the Rev. Cardes Brown are members.

The PAC distributes its endorsements in predominately black areas of the city.

For the three at-large council seats, the PAC endorsed Robbie Perkins, Sandra Anderson Groat and Marikay Abuzuaiter.

The remaining district race endorsements were also to be expected: Incumbent Goldie Wells for District 2, Zack Matheny for District 3, and no endorsement for District 4, where incumbent Mike Barber is running with hardly a challenge from David Crawford."

Yes Weekly
2007 Simkins PAC Contributors;

Robbie Perkins; $1,000

Zack Matheny; $200

Sandra Anderson Groat; $1,500

Distributions; Tawona, Patricia and Anna Johnson
If Robbie Perkins was excused for living in a building, Yvonne should be excused for belonging to a PAC with Skip which paid Skip's kin and possibly Yvonne's.

"Greensboro taxes and water bills that go back to 2002 were finally paid by the federal government on behalf of Walter T. Johnson Jr., the husband of Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson.

The Johnsons, along with WGJ Properties Inc., Patricia Johnson Trice, Wachovia Bank, Omni National Bank, the City of Greensboro, the State of North Carolina Department of Revenue, West Publishing and Lexis Law Publishing were sued by the federal government for $584,789 plus interest after 2005 for Walter Johnson's unpaid income tax from 1988 through 1996."

...Mayor Johnson said she and Walter Johnson's sister Patricia Johnson Trice gave up all interest in the property. "I released all interest in everything," Yvonne Johnson said. She added, "His sister and I gave up any interest we had."

These tax liabilities concern Mr. Johnson's 1988 through 1996 tax years and are in the total amount of $584,789.46 plus statutory interest accruing after July 11, 2005."

John Hammer

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