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City of Greensboro Information Request; Downtown Hotel Incentive Grant II

From: George Hartzman

To; The City of Greensboro

Dear Greensboro;

Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1.,
I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records
containing documents or communications;

Concerning the economic analysis of the impact of a taxpayer subsidized downtown hotel on the non-subsidized downtown Marriott Hotel, which just paid for its own renovations.

Concerning the economic impact on the expected revenue generated by government owned parking lots already meant to pay for GPAC debt, if 244 new parking spaces in the center of downtown next to a luxury hotel are created.

Concerning the economic development credentials of Greensboro's economic development team, including academic studies and expertise in evaluating economic impact and feasibility studies, as well as experience in dealing with a project of this size and nature.

Concerning all the names of all principals involved in the proposed taxpayer subsidized downtown Wyndham luxury hotel, which may negatively affect the profitability other non-subsidized hotels and businesses.

Concerning the binding commitment of the Toleo Foundation's $5 million GPAC donation, and the letter of credit confirming the authenticity of the gift. (Toleo is a Kaplan family trust)

Concerning which City Council members thought it righteous to bring this incentive forward for Greensboro's taxpayers to fund.

Concerning the financing for the hotel, as it appears the "entrepreneurs" asking for taxpayer money don't have enough to complete the entirety of the project.

And as previously requested, documents or communications to or from Randall Kaplan, Greg Dillon, George House, Kathy Manning, Milton Kern or Brad Semon from the beginning of 2013 to the present.

This request is posted at

This request is related to news gathering purpose,
and is not being sought for commercial purposes.


George Hartzman

Proposed legal theft of taxpayer money; "developers want $8 million in taxpayer money from City of Greensboro"

City of Greensboro Information Request; Downtown Hotel Incentive Grant

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