2021 Federal Income Tax Deadlines

Important Due Dates for Filing Your 2020 Tax Return and Payments;

Monday, January 11, 2021 is the deadline for employees who earned more than $20 in tip income in December 2020 to report to their employers.

The deadline to pay tax year 2020 fourth-quarter estimated tax payments is January 15, 2021. 

Employers have until Monday, February 1, 2021 to send out W-2 forms for 2020 employee earnings as well as most 1099 forms reporting for non-employee compensation, independent contractors and distributions from retirement plans.

Financial institutions must also mail mortgage, student loan, bank interest, dividends, Form 1099-B relating to sales of stock, bonds, or mutual funds, Form 1099-S for real estate transactions and Form 1099-MISC before Monday, February 1, 2021.

Monday, February 1, 2021 is also the deadline for catching up on unpaid fourth-quarter estimated taxes without additional penalties.

Healthcare Insurance Marketplace Form 1095-A should be mailed no later than mid-February and may be available in individual accounts at HealthCare.gov as soon as mid-January.

The deadline for farmers and fishermen to file individual income tax returns is Tuesday, March 2, 2021. 

Partnership and S corporation returns (IRS Forms 1065 and 1120-S respectively) are due Monday, March 15, 2021. The extended deadline is Sept. 15, 2021.

2020's personal income tax return tax return deadline is Thursday, April 15, 2021.

C corporation income tax returns (IRS Forms 1120) operating on a calendar year are due April 15, 2021. The extended deadline is Oct. 15, 2021. 

For C and S corporations operating on a fiscal year (non-calendar), the deadline is the 15th day of the fourth month following the end of the corporation's year end. (IRS Forms 1120 and 1120-S)

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