Eric Holder's "written" non-prosecution policy

"Taibbi zeroes in on a memo, written in 1999 by "a little-known official from Bill Clinton's White House named Eric Holder" that established the principle of collateral consequences. The term refers to avoiding fallout from prosecution on corporate "officers, directors, employees, and shareholders" by pushing for fines and civil sanctions instead.

Here we see the roots of TARP, with its too-big-to-fail ethos — and why not, since these white-collar crimes are essentially victimless? The catch, however, is that they're not victimless at all…

"The tenacious Matt Taibbi describes how the system was corrupted by backdoor dealings to avoid any jail time in The Divide (see Books). Taibbi tells us the no-jail policy was indeed a written policy by Eric Holder and the Obama DOJ.


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