ICMA US Stock Fund Expense Comparison; Guilford County and Winston Salem; 0.94% Difference

The Vantagepoint Funds are distributed by ICMA-RC Services LLC, a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary of ICMA-RC and member FINRA/SIPC.

There are two Vantagepoint 500 Stock Index Funds.

Vantagepoint 500 Stock Index Fund 1 - Total expenses = 0.41%

Vantagepoint 500 Stock Idx II - Total expenses =  0.21%

Guilford County Total Expenses for Vantagepoint 500 Stock Index Fund = 0.97%
Winston Salem Total Expenses for non-ICMA proprietary Vanguard 500 Index Fund = 0.05%

Winston Salem's employees pay 0.94% less for the same thing.

North Carolina 401(k) and 457 Plan Total Expenses
for North Carolina Large Cap Index Fund = 0.166%

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Anonymous said...

Guilford County getting raped compared to W-S on the fees. Who is in charge of the GC plan and who is allowing this to happen? The EE's should be outraged and start looking at possible legal action to recoup some of the excessive fees for the same plan.